The Turner County Schools district team has been meeting (via Google hangout) to make plans for instruction during this closure. It is quite a challenge because we don't know how long the closure is going to last. We may be back in school on April 1st, or we may be told to stay closed longer. Our plan needs to account for both. Using technology is our best option, but generates a lot of challenges. Mainly, do all students have devices and internet access? How do we offer SPED,ESOL, Gifted and other special services? Are we following CDC guidance? Our plan may not be comprehensive at the start, but we will continue to build it as we implement it. 

Our top priority is for seniors to complete courses required for graduation. We have developed a plan that would allow instructional activities to begin Monday, March 23rd for seniors and juniors who are in the same academic classes. Other grade levels will follow. This plan will use Google Classroom for TCHS and TCMS or ClassDojo for TCES as the platform for communicating with students to deliver instruction. Principals will be sending out information and instructions this week. This is the time to be creative with our instruction and assignments. The plan can not replace what our teachers and students do in the classroom everyday, but will keep students engaged by reading, working math problems, creating projects, viewing museums, researching, writing, etc. 

We will be making public announcements on our website and Facebook about the instructional plan soon.  We are also starting a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website to answer questions we receive via email or Facebook about the instructional plan or other questions about the closure.  The community can email questions to FAQ@turner.k12.ga.us

This is an unprecedented time for education. This is a challenge we can overcome by working together. I have been so impressed by the work our team has done feeding our students everyday and the love they have shown to our students. Please continue to be safe and take all necessary precautions. Stay home as much as possible. Do not congregate. 


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