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Welcome to the Turner County Schools’ Digital Citizenship page

In the 21st century, digital technology has become an integral part of our lives. As we navigate this digital world, it’s crucial that we do so responsibly and ethically.

This is where digital citizenship comes in. Digital citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level. It’s about being respectful, informed, and savvy online.

At Turner County Schools, we believe in empowering our students with the knowledge and skills to be responsible digital citizens.

In today’s interconnected world, digital citizenship holds immense significance. Let’s delve into why it matters:

  1. Global Connectivity: The internet connects people across continents, cultures, and backgrounds. Digital citizenship ensures that individuals understand their role in this global network. It promotes respectful communication, empathy, and collaboration.

  2. Information Literacy: With vast amounts of information available online, digital citizens must develop critical thinking skills. They learn to evaluate sources, distinguish between reliable and misleading content, and make informed decisions.

  3. Online Safety: Digital citizenship emphasizes safe practices. Users learn to protect their personal information, recognize phishing attempts, and navigate social media responsibly. Cybersecurity awareness is crucial to prevent identity theft and cyberbullying.

  4. Ethical Behavior: Being a good digital citizen means adhering to ethical guidelines. This includes respecting copyright, avoiding plagiarism, and treating others online as they would in person. Ethical behavior fosters trust and positive interactions.

  5. Digital Footprint: Every online action leaves a trace—a digital footprint. Understanding this concept helps individuals manage their online presence. Digital citizens curate their profiles, contribute positively, and maintain a professional image.

  6. Social Responsibility: Online platforms amplify voices. Digital citizens advocate for causes, engage in civic discussions, and promote positive change. They recognize their responsibility to contribute constructively to online communities.

  7. Youth Education: Teaching digital citizenship early equips young learners with essential skills. They become responsible netizens who can navigate the digital landscape confidently, avoiding pitfalls and making informed choices.

The purpose of this Digital Citizenship Webpage is to educate and empower students, parents, and educators about responsible and safe digital behavior. Here are the key points to emphasize:

  1. Education: The webpage aims to inform all stakeholders about the importance of digital citizenship. It provides knowledge on topics such as online safety, privacy, and ethical behavior in the digital world.

  2. Empowerment: By offering practical tips, resources, and guidelines, the webpage empowers users to make informed decisions online. It encourages them to be responsible digital citizens who contribute positively to the digital community.

  3. Collaboration: The webpage fosters collaboration between students, parents, and educators. It encourages open communication, joint efforts, and shared responsibility in promoting safe and respectful online interactions.

In summary, digital citizenship is about more than just using technology—it’s about fostering a respectful, informed, and secure online environment for all.


Turner County Schools is committed to fostering a digital environment that respects individual rights and ensures safety and freedom for everyone.

We believe that understanding and practicing digital citizenship will equip our students for the digital future.

We encourage parents, teachers, and students to explore and engage with these resources. Together, we can create a digital culture that values respect, responsibility, and empathy. Thank you for joining us in this important mission.

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