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The internet is an amazing place to explore, learn, and connect with friends. But just like being a citizen in your town or city, there are responsibilities that come with being a citizen online. That's where digital citizenship comes in!

Think of digital citizenship as your superpower for navigating the online world safely and responsibly. It's all about using technology in a smart and positive way. Here are some key things digital citizenship helps you with:

  • Being a Good Friend Online: Treat others with kindness and respect, even if you disagree with them. Just like on the playground, bullying and negativity have no place online!
  • Protecting Yourself: Learn how to stay safe online by understanding things like privacy settings, strong passwords, and avoiding strangers online.
  • Becoming a Super Sleuth: Not everything you see online is true! Digital citizenship helps you become a critical thinker who can spot fake news and unreliable information.
  • Being a Responsible Sharer: Think before you post! Sharing personal information or something unkind can have consequences online.
  • Using Tech for Good: The internet is a powerful tool! Digital citizenship helps you use technology to create positive things, learn new skills, and connect with people who share your interests.

By being a responsible digital citizen, you're making the online world a better place for everyone – that includes you, your friends, and your fellow Turner County Titans!

Digital Citizenship