Turner County BOE Policy Manual

A. Organizational Plan (5 Files)
Download ABA - School Board Authority
Download ABD - School Superintendent Legal Status
Download AE - School Year
Download AEA - School Calendar
Download AF - School Day
B. School Board Operations (7 Files)
Download BBA - Board Officers
Download BBBE - Board Member Compensation and Expenses
Download BBFA - Local School Councils
Download BDA - Policy Development System
Download BH - Board Ethics
Download BHA - Board Conflict of Interest
Download BHB - Nepotism
C. General School Administration (1 Files)
Download CGPB - Administrative Personnel Time Schedules
D. Fiscal Management (5 Files)
Download DCL - Fund Balance
Download DIB(2) Capitalization Policy for Fixed Assets
Download DIE - Fraud Prevention
Download DK - Student Activity Funds Management
Download DK-R - Administrative Regulation Student Activity Funds Management
E. Plant Management (3 Files)
Download EDC - Transportation Safety
Download EE - Food Science
Download EEE - Wellness Program
G. Personnel (13 Files)
Download GAAA - Equal Employment Opportunities
Download GAD Professional Learning Opportunities
Download GAE(2) - Complaints and Grievances
Download GAK - Personnel Records Check
Download GAM - Staff Rights and Responsibilities
Download GANA - Communicable Disease
Download GBA - Professional Personnel Compensation Guide and Contracts
Download GBC - Professional Personnel Recruitment
Download GBKA - Reduction in Force
Download GBRB - Professional Personnel Time Schedules
Download GBRIB - Employee Sick Leave
Download GBRIG - Federal Family and Medical Leave Act - 2007
Download GCRA(1) - Drug Screening of Bus Drivers
I. Instruction (23 Files)
Download IDB - Health Education
Download IDBA - Sex Education
Download IDCH - Joint Enrollment Programs
Download IDDD - Gifted Student Program
Download IDDM-R Administrative Procedures - Alternative School Placement
Download IDE(1) - Interscholastic Activities, Grades 9-12
Download IDE(2) - Interscholastic Actvities, Grades 6-8
Download IDFA - Gender Equity in Sports
Download IED - Scheduling for Instruction
Download IEDA - Unstructured Break Time
Download IFBD - School Libraries
Download IFBG - Internet Acceptable Use
Download IFBG-2 - Apprpriate Use of the Intranet & Intranet - School System Employees
Download IFBG-R - Administrative Procedures - Appropriate Use of the Internet
Download IG - Response to Intervention/SST
Download IHE - Promotion and Retention K-5
Download IHF(1) - Graduation Requirements (prior to 1993-94)
Download IHF(2) - Graduation Requirements (1993-94)
Download IHF(3) - Graduation Requirements (1995-1996)
Download IHF(4) - Graduation Requirements (prior to 1997-98+)
Download IHF(5) - Graduation Requirements (2002-2003+))
Download IHF(6) - Graduation Requirements (2008-2009+))
Download IKD - School Ceremonies and Observances
J. Students (25 Files)
Download JAA - Equal Educational Opportunities
Download JB - Student Attendance
Download JBC - School Admissions
Download JBC(3) - Social Security Numbers
Download JBC(4) - Transferring Credit
Download JBCCA(2) - Unsafe School Choice Option
Download JBCD - Transfers and Withdrawals
Download JBD - Absenses and Excuses
Download JCDA - Student Behavior Code
Download JCDA-E Exhibit Student Behavior Code
Download JCDAE - Weapons
Download JCDAG - Bullying
Download JDA - Corporal Punishment
Download JDE - Expulsion
Download JDF - Teacher Authority to Remove Students from the Classroom
Download JGC - Student Health Services
Download JGCB - Innoculations
Download JGCC - Communicable Disease
Download JGCD - Medication
Download JGF - Child Abuse(2)
Download JGF - Student Safety
Download JGF(2) - Seclusion or Restraint of Students
Download JGI - Child Abuse
Download JGI - Child Abuse or Neglect
Download JR - Student Records
L. Interorganizational Relations (1 Files)
Download LEBA - Parental Involvement in Education